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In order to keep a track of the progress of the TVapp PVR project, and other stuff, I need a weblog that can help me keep track of, and organize, my thoughts.

I’ve been sitting paralyzed on this one for a couple of months now, trying to work out just the right database model that fits my plans for how I believe it should work. I want some of it to be organized hierarchically, outline style, and other parts to be more like a traditional weblog with small, quick posts. Yet other parts should be fixed, reference, pages that get updated with the latest information every so often. On top of all that I want readable URLs for the whole thing, that people can easily grok to know immediately where they are and where they can go from here.

Well, the indecision is killing me, so I’ve just decided to bite-the-bullet and simply start with a single table containing individual posts. I can now start writing immediately, and as I flesh out my ideas, they can take shape around the post table.

My current thinking on the outline thing is that the outline tables would point into the post table for the actual content, and that the outline stuff would simply contain structure and naming (URI) information.

A category table could allow individual posts to be categorized and used as the basis for serving up different subsets of the total set of posts, depending on whether you are looking at the site, a general weblog, a personal log, or whatever.